Elminate the Complexity of Construction


We SIMPLIFY the process and take over the legwork for owners and investors who are building high-end residential and commercial properties.
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Superior Results

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Increased Efficiency

Expedite projects through strategic planning, monitoring, and team collaboration

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Cost Savings

Reduce costs through increased transparency,  negotiations, value engineering, and minimizing rework

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Improved Quality

Achieve better results through improved clarity, communication, and performance monitoring

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We give Owners the power to make informed decisions and CONTROL the outcome of their projects
We create amazing Webflow templates for creative people all around the world and help businesses grow.
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Our Approach

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We leverage technology in place of outdated spreadsheets to make informed data-driven decisions and automate tasks

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Work with owners and developers on all project types, including, ground-up development, renovations, residential, and commercial.



Avoid potentially catastrophic mistakes with accurate forecasting and up to date status records

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Who Is Dubrow Group

Dubrow Group is the premier Owner's Representative firm in the Hamptons area. We simplify the complex process of construction and take over the legwork for owners and investors who are building high-end residential and commercial properties

What is an Owner's Representative?

An Owner Representative is a construction industry professional who utilizes their experience, knowledge, and resources to protect the financial, quality, and time interest of the principal owner of the project.

Why Do I Need an Owner's Representative?

Modern construction projects are complex and owners often find themselves without the knowledge or time to manage a project themselves. Having an expert who is experienced with the various aspects of construction and who has the proper systems in place to coordinate and monitor the project will shorten timelines, elevate quality and reduce overall costs.

Who Acts as an Owner's Representative?

An Owner’s Representative is someone who has construction experience and who can easily coordinate with other members of your team. Besides construction, the Owner’s Rep skill set includes expertise tracking project financials, establishing a network within the construction industry, negotiating contracts, permitting strategies, identifying factors that will affect budgets, quality, and timelines, promoting collaboration among project teams, and keeping the owner informed and in control.

How Much Does an Owner's Representative Cost?

A qualified OR at a minimum is self-financing and typically captures more than their fee by reducing overall project costs through value engineering, contract negotiations, monitoring change orders, and reducing rework and schedule delays. This, coupled with removing the burden of daily monitoring of the project, are the most considerable benefits to the project owner.

When Should I Bring Dubrow Group into the Project?

Our clients have found the most success when we are hired at the start of a project to set the tone for the entire project. This being said, we can be brought on a project at any point either to help get a project back on track or ensure the construction process is smooth.