Jan 18, 2021

Tips for Assembling a Custom Home Build Project Team

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Justin Dubrow

uilding your dream home is an exciting and challenging project. It’s critical to put together a cohesive and capable project team to ensure you get the results you’re looking for. Typically, your custom home build project team will consist of representatives from more than five different companies. These tips will help you understand the process of assembling the right team for your project.

Your Custom Home Build Project Team Members

When you build a custom home, your team will consist of people from a variety of different industries, which fall into three main categories.


Your design team is important because that’s where your vision will start to take shape. You’ll need an architect, engineer, interior designer, landscape architect, and a tech specialist for any automation and integrated technology.  You may also need to work with additional specialists such as a dedicated lighting designer.

Your architect will design the structure of the house blending the project requirements with artistic insight to create a plan that brings your vision to life, while consulting the engineer to ensure a sound structural design. Your interior designer will provide ideas for a variety of things including selections for colors, flooring, and furniture.  

The tech specialist will handle the design and installation of any technology that you want to have integrated into the home. This can include music, television, internet and Wi-Fi, home theaters, telephone systems, lighting controls, motorized shades, and more.

The lighting designer will work on fixture specifications and locations and is usually responsible for both interior and exterior spaces including all landscape lighting.


The main member of your legal team is the attorney who will review all the contracts you’ll need to sign. The attorney will help protect your rights and ensure that the contracts are accurate and cover all necessary topics.

For some custom home builds, the property requires special variances or permission from local building departments. Your attorney will develop a legal argument to describe why the building departments should approve your requests.

Your team may include a specialist who will obtain your building permits when the permitting process is complex. The complexity of obtaining permits increases when many different agencies are required to approve the home plans. The permit expeditor will work with the attorney to make the case to the regulatory agencies to ensure that every agency approves the building plans.


The General Contractor you choose will have the most effect on the success of the project during the construction phase. Your General Contractor will supply most of the materials, equipment, and labor to complete the build of your custom home.

Other professionals that you hired will also be involved in the construction. For example, you may hire a landscape contractor who will be responsible for installing the designs for the softscapes and hardscapes that the landscape architect developed in the design phase. If you’ve hired other specialists, such as an automation specialist, or a company that specializes in building gyms, those professionals will also be involved in the construction process.

How to Choose Your Custom Home Build Project Team

Choosing a project team for your custom home build is a critical step in the home building process. It can make or break your project. First, you must be sure that the team members you consider have a good reputation in their area of expertise. After that, there are three main criteria to consider.

  • Style. You need to find vendors who have worked with the specific style of home you want to build. Whether you’re looking for contemporary, traditional, Georgian, or French Provincial, your team needs to be familiar with designing and building that style of home.
  • Budget. Look for vendors who have worked on projects at similar budgets, and vendors that fit into your budget requirements.
  • Schedule. Select vendors who have availability in their schedule to start a new project, and who will be able to meet the project schedule you’ve established.

Creating a custom home build project team is one of the places where hiring an Owner’s Representative can be invaluable. At Dubrow Group, we’ve had decades of experience in the building industry. We know the professionals in all of the areas you need to evaluate.  We’ve created a rigorous pre-qualification process to ensure the vendors are properly matched for your project.

There are significant benefits in choosing team members that have worked with Dubrow Group in the past, and have worked as a team before.  

  • They’re familiar with the other team members, which streamlines communication
  • They’re familiar with the workflows and the technology we use to monitor the project
  • They’re familiar with our expectations since we only produce outstanding work

We continually pre-qualify our list of vendors.  Most vendors in home construction are small businesses in a relatively volatile industry, and they have ongoing business peaks and valleys. Our strong relationships and open communication keeps us up to date on their current availability, pricing, and upcoming workflows—those things that can directly affect their ability to commit to your project.  

While there are benefits of using the same vendors on future work, it’s always important to invite several vendors in each category to bid on the project. It keeps vendors alert, ensures that they stay competitive with their pricing, and it avoids filling a position on the team with someone who can’t meet one of the main criteria.

If you’re thinking of building your dream home and want more information about Owner’s Representation, send us an email.

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