Our Process

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Dubrow Group acts as the single point of contact for your construction project. Allowing you to focus on your role as the decision-maker.  Construction projects require many professionals input along the way. Dubrow Group will be coordinating the various professionals required and set up the necessary meetings to keep the project moving smoothly.

We also maintain a construction management system to provide a platform for collaboration across all team members. The management platform also consolidates all project documents, tracks progress, issues/resolutions, timelines, and the budget. We will provide you with easy-to-understand reports to keep you in control of your project, so you have confidence in every decision you make along the way.

Our clients have found the most success when we are hired at the start of a project to set the tone for the entire project. This being said, we can be brought on a project at any point either to help get a project back on track or ensure the construction process is smooth. Dubrow Group performs a variety of services throughout the four Stages of a Construction Project.


We start by assisting you in identifying the overall project requirements, establishing a preliminary budget, design objectives, and timelines. We then can assist you with site selection and any necessary feasibility studies if you do not already own the land needed for your build. Once we have completed these initial steps we will recommend the project delivery method that will best serve your project.

Choosing the project delivery method is one of the most critical decisions to be made before you begin assembling the construction team. The delivery method will identify the contractual responsibilities for the professionals involved, such as architects, designers, construction firms, and contractors. It is also the best way to reduce risk and improve your project's odds of achieving your goals for cost, quality, and timeframes.


At this stage, we will set up an account for you in our construction management system. We then assemble the project team by handling the pre-qualification of vendors and negotiating pricing and contract terms. As the team's central point of communication, we establish the meeting schedule, direct communication & collaboration amongst team members, and maintain workflow protocols within the construction management system.

We monitor the design team's progress to achieve two critical goals:

  • Ensure that the designs meet your overall project goals in terms of design, cost of construction, and schedule.
  • Ensure that the design team reviews drawings with the proper code officials to guarantee that the design is code compliant.

Once the design team has submitted a Request for Proposal to the pre-qualified contractors we will assist in reviewing the bids received and in any necessary value engineering. After selecting a contractor we will negotiate and finalize all construction costs as well as review the contracts with the legal team to ensure all critical topics are addressed. As part of value engineering, we will review the designs and look for any additional cost savings. For example, there may be opportunities to use alternative construction methods or make small changes in design which could, in turn, lower the cost of construction.


Dubrow Group focuses on five critical areas during the construction phase.

  1. Monitor Construction Progress. We monitor progress, facilitate communication within the team by coordinating team meetings and regularly distribute a high-level project schedule to keep all team members up-to-date.
  2. Track Project Milestones. We work with the team members to ensure they are on track to achieve milestones and project requirements.
  3. Monitor the Budget. We continually monitor the budget and reserves that have been set aside for unknowns and additional work. We review all applications for payment and change orders. As needed, we revise the budget based on forecasts.
  4. Coordinate Owner Review Meetings. We verify that samples and mockups are ready for you to review and approve and schedule owner review meetings with the teams.
  5. Closeout Prep. We monitor the installation of furniture and fixtures and make sure the house is prepared and cleaned prior to delivering the house to you.


Dubrow Group and the project team will be closing out all administrative work, gathering all relevant project information such as warranties and services contracts for your future use and storage. We will be tracking all punch list items that are completed in a timely and acceptable manner. We also ensure that all systems are operating properly and educate you on how they work and share any troubleshooting you may need to know in the future.


We'll remain your central point of contact throughout the warranty period of the house. You can expect the same response time and attention to detail as you received during the construction process. We are here to solve any issues that come up and make sure you are loving your new space. Our goal is to make the custom home-building process enjoyable for you and your family.

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