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Our mission at Dubrow Group is to provide project owners with accurate data and expert guidance, delivered by a team operating at their peak potential. We aim to simplify the complexities of construction, ensuring every project benefits from informed decisions and a highly effective team dynamic.

Our Role
Our Role
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Experience Matters

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We Provide A wide Range of services Extending well beyond the Standard

Project Administration

Establish project objectives and implement a process to achieve owner requirements

Cost Managment

Control project costs through accurate forecasting, value engineering and reduced time

Vendor Management

Team assembly, coordination, contract management, dispute resolution and leadership

Firm History

Dubrow Group is a second-generation family-run business founded by Marc Dubrow with over 4 decades of experience in projects of all scales within the Hamptons. Marc founded the firm on the principles of honesty, transparency, accuracy, and hard work. As a boutique firm, we pride ourselves on highly personalized service. Each client becomes a part of our family and each vendor a trusted partner.  

We started as a small painting company growing into a full-service construction management firm, growing slowly and purposefully while preserving our founding principles. Focusing on excellent service and cultivating strong relationships within the local architecture and construction community. Our success has been built on a seamless process, reliable data, and trusted partners.  

In 2010, Justin Dubrow expanded the company’s offerings by adding Owner’s Representation. As an Owner’s Representative, Dubrow Group provides continuous oversight throughout the project, organizing team coordination meetings, monitoring quality, managing financials, and producing custom-tailored reports that track every detail. We run our projects on state-of-the-art technology to bring together all team members on the project, enhancing communication, workflows, transparency, and overall collaboration—the result culminating in the highest level of the finished product

Our TEam

Owner Justin Dubrow
Justin Dubrow
With over two decades of experience in the construction industry, Justin Dubrow's career is marked by a profound understanding of its intricacies and the development of essential leadership skills. Starting in construction management, Justin gained invaluable hands-on experience overseeing daily operations and working directly with every trade involved, offering a deep understanding of the entire construction process.

Justin's approach is defined by an analytical mindset, leading to calculated decisions that significantly contribute to project success. He focuses on simplifying construction complexities through streamlined processes and clear communication, ensuring that each project benefits from efficient decision-making and a cohesive team approach.

Inspired by principles that emphasize the importance of balance and effective communication, Justin's leadership style is rooted in creating a high-performing team that thrives on trust and mutual respect. He intuitively applies negotiation techniques that prioritize assertive problem-solving and active listening, allowing him to navigate the intricate landscape of construction with finesse.

Moreover, Justin advocates for embracing technology and staying current with industry trends, consistently seeking innovative ways to enhance project efficiency and performance. As a trusted leader in construction, Justin Dubrow is dedicated to simplifying complexities and achieving excellence in every endeavor.

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frequently asked questions

01 — Who Is Dubrow Group?

Dubrow Group is the premier Owner's Representative firm in the Hamptons area. We simplify the complex process of construction and take over the legwork for owners and investors who are building high-end residential and commercial properties

02 — What Is an Owner's Representative?

An Owner Representative is a construction industry professional who utilizes their experience, knowledge, and resources to protect the financial, quality, and time interest of the principal owner of the project.

03 — Why Do I Need an Owner's Representative?

Modern construction projects are complex and owners often find themselves without the knowledge or time to manage a project themselves. Having an expert who is experienced with the various aspects of construction and who has the proper systems in place to coordinate and monitor the project will shorten timelines, elevate quality and reduce overall costs.

04 — Who Acts as an Owner's Representative?

An Owner’s Representative is someone who has construction experience and who can easily coordinate with other members of your team. Besides construction, the Owner’s Rep skill set includes expertise tracking project financials, establishing a network within the construction industry, negotiating contracts, permitting strategies, identifying factors that will affect budgets, quality, and timelines, promoting collaboration among project teams, and keeping the owner informed and in control.

05 — How Much Does an Owner's Representative Cost?

A qualified OR at a minimum is self-financing and typically captures more than their fee by reducing overall project costs through value engineering, contract negotiations, monitoring change orders, and reducing rework and schedule delays. This, coupled with removing the burden of daily monitoring of the project, are the most considerable benefits to the project owner.

06 — When Should I Bring Dubrow into the Project?

Our clients have found the most success when we are hired at the start of a project to set the tone for the entire project. This being said, we can be brought on a project at any point either to help get a project back on track or ensure the construction process is smooth.

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