Case Study 04

14,010 | 2 Acres
Project Type
New Construction

Navigating Complexity in a Residential Compound Project Amidst the Pandemic


Amid the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, a residential compound project featuring a main house and a guest house was brought to life. Orchestrated by Adam Jordan Architecture and executed by John Hummel Associates, the project's success was intricately managed by Dubrow Group, an owner representation firm. This case study delves into how Dubrow Group efficiently coordinated multiple vendors, managed change orders, and ensured transparent communication to realize the owner's vision while maintaining budget control and adherence to timelines.

Project Overview:

The residential compound project, designed by Adam Jordan Architecture and executed by John Hummel Associates, posed unique challenges due to the pandemic. Balancing aesthetics and functionality, the project underwent numerous design revisions driven by the owner's evolving vision. Navigating these changes demanded astute management to ensure clear communication, cost-efficiency, and timely execution.

Dubrow Group's Role: Efficient Management in Complexity:

Dubrow Group's pivotal role streamlined complex processes into a cohesive project. As the owner's representative, they managed a diverse array of vendors, from architects to interior designers, while handling over 300 change orders. This coordination ensured seamless integration of evolving designs, safeguarding the owner's vision and minimizing disruptions.

Time Efficiency:

Dubrow Group's management approach led to time savings by expediting decision-making and project execution. Their adept handling of design changes minimized delays, a common challenge with evolving designs. The management of change orders contributed to smoother transitions and accelerated the project timeline.

Transparent Cost Management:

Cost control was a significant focus throughout the project. Dubrow Group's commitment to transparent and accurate pricing across vendors played a critical role. Diligent scrutiny of vendor proposals ensured reliable estimates, mitigating potential cost overruns and maintaining financial prudence.

Informed Decision-Making:

Dubrow Group's data-driven insights empowered the owner to make informed decisions. Accurate cash flow predictions, detailed analyses, and comprehensive data presentations provided a solid foundation for strategic choices. This partnership gave the owner the ability to proactively steer the project in alignment with their vision and budget.


The successful completion of the residential compound project is a testament to collaborative effort, strategic management, and creative vision. The joint work of Adam Jordan Architecture, John Hummel Associates, and Dubrow Group resulted in an architectural achievement that navigated pandemic challenges, evolving designs, and shifting client preferences. Dubrow Group's adept management of complexity, commitment to clear communication, and support for informed decisions positioned them as essential collaborators, steering the project toward success despite challenging circumstances.

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