Case Study 05

Project Type
Complete Renovation

Case Study: Transforming a Waterfront Building into a Contemporary Steakhouse


The conversion of a Montauk waterfront building into a modern steakhouse marked a significant architectural transformation. Guided by Dubrow Group as owner's representative, this study delves into the intricacies of a project that entailed coordination with over 25 vendors, strategic budget management, and adherence to tight timelines for a summer season opening.

Project Overview:

The project involved a complete overhaul of a Montauk waterfront building, transitioning it from its original form into a contemporary steakhouse. This modern approach, influenced by Architecture Outfit, Damon Liss Design, and Kugler Ning, redefined the building's aesthetics, reimagining its visual identity.

Dubrow Group's Role: Strategic Coordination:

Dubrow Group, acting as the owner's representative, navigated the complexity of the transformation by managing a diverse vendor network. Their role was to streamline collaboration and minimize disruptions across stakeholders, ensuring effective coordination throughout.

Navigating Aggressive Timelines:

With a demanding timeline for a summer opening, the project's execution required meticulous planning. Dubrow Group's strategic decisions factored in post-COVID supply chain constraints, local vendor commitments, and overtime labor dynamics. Their management approach facilitated meeting tight deadlines.

Budget Management in Dynamic Contexts:

Managing budget fluctuations in a dynamic economy posed challenges. Dubrow Group's budget management involved assessing inflation-related dynamics, material cost changes, and overtime labor expenses. This approach ensured the project's financial integrity.

Informed Decision-Making for Success:

Dubrow Group's data-driven insights empowered informed choices throughout the project. By providing real-time data and comprehensive insights, they facilitated strategic decisions, allowing the project to align with the owner's vision and financial goals.


The waterfront steakhouse project stands as a testament to architectural evolution and strategic management. The synergy between Architecture Outfit, Damon Liss Design, Kugler Ning, and Dubrow Group translated vision into reality. The successful coordination of diverse stakeholders, precision in budget management, and adherence to timelines reflect the team's commitment to realizing a contemporary culinary space that respects both aesthetics and logistics.

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