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Financial Software: The Science & Art Behind Data-Driven Decisions

Construction budgets are complex and remain fluid throughout the lifecycle of a project. Therefore, managing them is both a science and an art. Utilizing industry-specific cloud-based financial software with a centralized dashboard that contains all the financial information for the project, such as vendor contracts, invoices, change orders, is the science of managing a budget.

Construction Project Change Orders

Change Orders are an inevitable part of construction. Due to the complexity of the construction projects today, it is almost impossible not to have at least one change order. Two elements can make managing change orders painless.

Project Management Software | Single Source of Truth

Cloud-based project management software that is robust and well-maintained is the key to any successful construction project. While many professionals talk about collaboration, the industry still operates in a very siloed manner. The only way to achieve true collaboration and efficiency is to have a single source of truth on the project that is easily accessible by all team members.

Construction Contract Options

No two construction projects are alike, thus requiring different types of contracts to protect everyone’s interests. Utilizing standardized contracts brings ease to a project through familiarity within the industry and trust in the knowledge that it is fully vetted covering all potential issues.

What is the Difference Between an Owner’s Representative, Project Manager, And Construction Manager?

A construction project requires the skills of a variety of professionals, including architects, designers, construction workers, landscapers, and more. It can become confusing on who provides which functions, especially when you hear the terms Owner’s Representative, Project Manager, and Construction Manager.

Project Delivery Methods

The most important decision to be made at the beginning of the project is choosing a project delivery method. This is the method used to organize the services to complete the build. The delivery method selected will identify the professionals' contractual responsibilities and dictate the relationship between team members.

Stages of Construction

At Dubrow Group, we define four stages and provide services every step along the way. Understanding the stages within a construction project aids in navigating the process, brings awareness to project budgets and timelines, and sets realistic expectations.

Construction Projects | Tips for Assembling a Project Team

The process of construction is complicated, fast-paced, and highly collaborative. To navigate this process with ease and success you’ll need a strong team of experienced professionals. A cohesive team will communicate regularly, anticipate next steps, and thoughtfully challenge one another to achieve the best outcome for the owner.

Why Hire an Owner's Representative

Whether you are building a custom home, doing a significant renovation, or if you are an investor building a spec home hiring an Owner’s Representative is guaranteed to bring value to your project. An Owner’s Rep has the multi-disciplinary experience needed to monitor your project efficiently, saving you time and money.

Eliminate the complexity of construction

Take Control of Your Project


Who Is Dubrow Group

Dubrow Group is the premier Owner's Representative firm in the Hamptons area. We simplify the complex process of construction and take over the legwork for owners and investors who are building high-end residential and commercial properties

What is an Owner's Representative?

An Owner Representative is a construction industry professional who utilizes their experience, knowledge, and resources to protect the financial, quality, and time interest of the principal owner of the project.

Why Do I Need an Owner's Representative?

Modern construction projects are complex and owners often find themselves without the knowledge or time to manage a project themselves. Having an expert who is experienced with the various aspects of construction and who has the proper systems in place to coordinate and monitor the project will shorten timelines, elevate quality and reduce overall costs.

Who Acts as an Owner's Representative?

An Owner’s Representative is someone who has construction experience and who can easily coordinate with other members of your team. Besides construction, the Owner’s Rep skill set includes expertise tracking project financials, establishing a network within the construction industry, negotiating contracts, permitting strategies, identifying factors that will affect budgets, quality, and timelines, promoting collaboration among project teams, and keeping the owner informed and in control.

How Much Does an Owner's Representative Cost?

A qualified OR at a minimum is self-financing and typically captures more than their fee by reducing overall project costs through value engineering, contract negotiations, monitoring change orders, and reducing rework and schedule delays. This, coupled with removing the burden of daily monitoring of the project, are the most considerable benefits to the project owner.

When Should I Bring Dubrow Group into the Project?

Our clients have found the most success when we are hired at the start of a project to set the tone for the entire project. This being said, we can be brought on a project at any point either to help get a project back on track or ensure the construction process is smooth.