Case Study 01

4,600 | 1 Acre
Project Type
New Construction

A development project for an Owner looking to invest in The Hamptons real estate market. The owner had strict criteria for project requirements, timelines, design style, and budget.

The owner tasked Dubrow Group with developing the overall concept, sourcing the appropriate location, assembling the project team, and monitoring design and construction, while keeping a tight grip on the schedule and finances.  The project required an extremely disciplined approach to remain within the Owner’s parameters, which included accurate forecasting of cash flows and milestones to ensure the project progressed as smoothly as possible.


We worked with the owner to find land that fit the project. With our strong connections to local real estate professionals, we were able to source an off-market lot that met our project requirements. It also lent itself to a quick permitting process and didn’t require any excessive or complicated construction.

We wanted to complete a well-designed project that stood out from the competing projects on the market, while maintaining lower development costs. When we assembled the team, where possible we chose up-and-coming talent looking to make a name for their newer businesses and showcase their work.  Since we used newer companies, it was crucial to run a tight pre-qualification and bidding process.  

Tight timelines called for fast-tracking the project and beginning construction before the design work was 100% complete.  In order to fast-track, we focused on putting strong systems in place to monitor every aspect of the project from deliverables to communications. We also arranged for quick reviews of payment requests and rapid Owner decisions.  We made the decision to select materials that had short lead times and required minimal customization to save time and money.


We expedited the schedule during the construction stage using continuous monitoring of progress, design coordination meetings, and the establishment of open lines of communication to foster collaboration. We tracked all open items and responded quickly to vendor requests to keep the project moving while avoiding delays and costly rework.  

Closeout and Delivery

Dubrow Group remained a critical part of the owner’s team throughout the normal construction closeout activities. We also acted as the central point of contact for qualifying and selecting the appropriate real estate sales team, and negotiating commissions. We monitored the sales process and maintained contact with the brokers during negotiations and the closing of the final sale.  

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