Case Study 03

6660 sqft | 1 Acre
Project Type
New Construction

Case Study: Managing Complexity in Waterfront Home Construction


This case study delves into the complexities of a waterfront modern home project, designed by Adam Jordan Architecture with landscape architecture by LaGuardia Design Group. Dubrow Group, acting as the owner's representative, navigated challenges including government approvals, a mid-project ownership change, and economic shifts.

Project Overview:

Spanning 6,660 square feet, the waterfront home and dock were a marriage of modern architecture and landscape design. The project required meticulous government approvals due to its waterfront location.

Dubrow Group's Role: Strategic Facilitation:

Engaged by the initial owner, Dubrow Group's mandate was to secure a cost-efficient yet highly skilled contractor for the intricate design. Dubrow Group introduced a cost-plus with a GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) contract, emphasizing transparency and rquiring the contractor obtain multiple bids for the different scopes of work to balance design complexity, availability, and cost.

Change of Ownership: Transitioning Continuity:

With a change in ownership mid-project, Dubrow Group's detailed records and documentation facilitated a seamless transition. Key project team members were retained, allowing the project to move forward under established contractual frameworks.

Navigating Economic Shifts: Adapting to Change:

The property's sale coincided with economic fluctuations resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, including inflation, rising real estate market and high demand for home construction. Dubrow Group's meticulous records bridged the economic gap, enabling the project to continue under prior terms, despite economic challenges.

Informed Decision-Making for Success:

Dubrow Group's transparent processes ensured the owner was well-informed and able to make intelligent project decisions. Their strategic planning, detailed documentation, and vendor coordination formed the bedrock of project continuity amidst ownership change and economic uncertainties.


The waterfront home project stands as a testament to adaptability in the face of complex dynamics. Designed by Adam Jordan Architecture with landscape architecture by LaGuardia Design Group, it overcame challenges with strategic management. Guided by Dubrow Group's expertise, the project's resilience was evident in successfully navigating through intricate government processes, ownership changes, and economic shifts.

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